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Greys River Trophy Buck - Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting
By Dr. Keith Ruter

I live in the heart of whitetail country and have enjoyed the hunts for many years. Mule deer hunting is something I have always wanted to do. Hunting muleys in the mountains of Wyoming was number one ranking on my hunting bucket list. After many hours of researching mule deer areas, my hunting partner, Bill, and I decided the Greys River area was for us. We decided to sign on with Greys River Outfitters and I am very glad we did! Mike Clark was excellent to work with and very meticulous that we had the correct permits and supplies needed for our hunt. The 22 hour drive to camp was long, yet I was very anxious to arrive and complete the mule deer hunt of my dreams! Their base camp was well organized and well equipped for our adventure. We were very well fed and comfortable. The horses were perfect for covering many mountain miles which preserved us for the climbs we made on foot. The months of workouts were a necessary preparation for our adventure and I realized very quickly that my northwest Illinois lunges were short on oxygen, so the horses were a life saver!

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 From the time Ralph Tedesco and I arrived at camp we felt at home and after meeting the Mike and his guides it was like hunting with old friends. The camp was fun the food plentiful and delicious and the scenery was picture perfect. Mike and his crew do a great job getting everyone ready to hit the mountains scouting for Elk and as you can see Cowboy Chuck Martin put me a beautiful 6x6 which I shot at just over 400 yards. Our camp cook Tess prepared a delicious Elk dinner that night for the everyone at camp so the only thing left to say is I can't wait to draw another tag and meet up again with our new friends.

Joe Sagona

Anyone looking for a great guide will not be disappointed. They provide great lodging, meals, and an amazing hunting experience. Their horses are well behaved, and I saw many animals throughout the duration of my stay there. I will be back... Thank you Mike! P.S. Thanks for the 6x7

-George McCarty

Mike Clark was a supper guy to have as guide. He was knowledgeable on the mt. lion that we were hunting and put me on a really nice cat. With the help of Dirk Jenkins and crew with the dogs it was the time of my life. I saw parts of Wyoming that most people would never get to see. Thanks Mike for such a great experience. I will be back out as soon as my moose hunt is over with.
I have been hunting with Grey's River annually since 2012. The late season cow hunt has given me the opportunity to introduce my boys to elk hunting at an affordable price. I continue to see improvements in the camp from one year to the next. Being able to hunt out of camp or trailer to another creek makes it easy to cover a lot of ground. The rugged scenery is exactly what a mountain hunt should look like. Other reasons I hunt with them include - non migratory elk herd - fantastic horses - no bears - more aggressive hunting approach - hot shower and I just plain like 'em! It's always hard to filter out one outfitter from another, I consider myself fortunate to have picked Mike Clark and Grey's River Outfitters. I will be there this coming fall and the next and the next ...

Paul Colson
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